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Leonardito and suitcases in Viva V Windham, Samana, Dominican Republic.
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Dołączył: 12 Sty 2008
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Wysłany: 09-04-2017, 15:36   Leonardito and suitcases in Viva V Windham, Samana, Dominic

Viva Windham Samana Resort is located close to la Terrenas
in the Samana region of Dominican Republic.
It was a very nice resort to visit.
The grounds had numerous shrubs and garden that were kept spotless.
The Resort is very spacious with only 144 accommodations available.

The beach was beautiful with many palm trees,
the pool was quite large
and had a choice of sitting places and shade.

Our vibe room was small, no to much storage place,
great fast Wi-Fi, superb mattress, large TV.
and important for us it was very quiet.
A/C kept us cool and confortable.
There was really nothing to complain about.
The Resort is lovely.

The food was average in the buffet.
In the a la carte the menu
and the quality of food was good.
The red wine in a la carte was acceptable.

Because of the negligence of Air Canada,
our vacation was ruined.

We had a flight with Air Canada from Montreal
via Toronto to Samana.
At Samana Airport,
our 2 suitcases did not show up.
What a disappointment,
Air Canada is a company you can not trust.
They do not care about customers satisfaction.

Everybody knows,that's how it goes !
More on the side :
After filing out papers for the missing suitcases
we were driven to the hotel
with only our carry on bags and passports.

This was on Tuesday afternoon March 28.
Wednesday nothing, Thursday nothing.
Friday March 31, at noon,
one suitcase is delivered to the Hotel lobby.

Where is the other one. Nobody knows,
the meantime, we wait and wait,and wait.
Saturday, nothing, Sunday nothing, Monday nothing
Tuesday at 18:30 finally
our other suitcase was delivered to the Hotel
one week late.
All week no one had any information
regarding the whereabout of our suitcases.
No one from Sunquest and Air Canada.

we were very lucky to have met the Reception Manager,
Juan Herrera who was most helpful
to make our stay confortable and enjoyable.
He was a great asset to the Hotel.
Thanks a lot Juan.
Also Edgar and all the staff from guest service,
made numerous phone calls for us and were very helpful.

As far as the Viva Windham is concerned
we found the Resort to be very peaceful,
located in a lovely setting
and all the staff was very attentive.
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